…from halfway across the world.

I walked out of CVS on Sunday, having gained a shot and a “You’re vaccinated!” sticker. The day — beautiful. The nurse — charming. The feeling of being fully vaccinated — something teetering between relief and guilt; fullness and emptiness.

One of my friends asked me how I felt, and my immediate response was “I kinda feel like an asshole.” Here we are, excitedly planning post-vaccination trips in our heads while simultaneously experiencing a weird dissociation and confusion over identity. …

Blue lives matter! /s

So…Happy Sunday?

It’s ten days into 2021 and we’re already bracing ourselves for whatever’s next. It’s somehow been a long and exhausting year already. New Year’s Day was only nine days ago, which simultaneously makes zero sense while making complete sense because the normal mechanics of time don’t really compute during a global pandemic and an attempted coup on the Capitol. Coolcoolcoolcoolcoolcool.

Jake Peralta is all of us. Please save us, Detective!

Here we are once again. Phones are glued to eyes. Work emails are piling up. There are civil war memes and Elizabeth’s from Tennessee to gawk at. Twitter banned Trump. There are talks of…

On class struggle, Punjabi farmers, and the power of the people.

Is anyone surprised by what’s going on with the Punjabi farmer protests at this point? If you’re new to the topic, here are a few basic takeaways:

  • The Indian government passed 3 ordinances impacting farmers across the country. The main reason for the widespread protests? The bills threaten small farmers and strip away reliable sources of income.
  • There has been a farmer suicide crisis going on in India for decades. …

Yesterday, for a brief moment, we were euphoric.

Disclaimer to the wonderful progressives reading: I’m not writing this article to talk about how perfect Biden and Harris are — I know they’re not. I know there’s work to do. I’m still thrilled. This moment is about getting Trump out of office. That’s it. That’s the point.

We forget what this felt like, huh? As news of the Biden/Harris win hit on Saturday morning, millions of people were swept into a dreamlike state of abundant joy. …

That was my first thought settling into tonight’s town halls. Fists clenched and blood pressure rising, I sat on the couch and prepared myself for the worst.

I tuned into Trump’s town hall — even though I know I’m voting for Biden — just to see what bullshit he’d spew. And oh god, he weaved his delusional web for everyone who was watching.

Trump was on the defense from the get-go — made evident by constant interruptions and snarky comebacks and a general air of impatience.

Forget denouncing white supremacy, HAVE YOU HEARD OF VICIOUS ANTIFA?

Forget COVID-19, DID YOU…

Thought: I love the holidays.

Well, this isn’t much of a statement — I’m in good company here. 99.95% of the people we know absolutely love and adore the holidays.

It’s warm. It’s cozy. It’s full of family & friends. It’s an excuse to eat and drink and be merry while shirking all the other responsibilities in our lives. It’s a mini hiatus from bills, the treadmill, work, routine, cooking for one, and watching reruns of Seinfeld (or Friends, if you’re one of those. I still love you though).

Thanksgiving feasts, Christmas lights, gluttony, hot chocolate, and gift opening…

Some people might unfriend me after this one, but oh well. It needs to be said. I shall bear the consequences. Here we go :)

There is a post of a starving polar bear circling the internet right now. It’s terrible to watch. It’s more than heartbreaking — it’s devastating on multiple levels.

The one thing I am 99% sure of is that most people felt something when they watched this video. Perhaps you experienced feelings of sorrow, sadness, and existentialism. Perhaps you experienced feelings of guilt and remorse.

So, we ALL felt something. We’re all on the same page…

Let’s share quotes about peace
love, happiness
isn’t it funny
how quickly we are ready
to jump at throats
fight each other to death
Blood vessels popping out of foreheads
fists clenched
ready to die for our world as we know it

We spit fire from our mouths
we’re right
they’re wrong
moral high ground
we know best
we know all

We’re fools
pawns, at best
the definition of “enemy”, don’t ask us
pumped full of fluff
sugarcoated propaganda
whispering sweet nothings, reassurances
luring us into a deep sleep at night

Sweet lies
we can do no wrong
we’re the…

It’s Monday morning. It’s time for breakfast, but you’ve run out of milk. You take a 15 minute detour to the grocery store to pick up a new gallon.

You head home. You drink some milk. You wake up the next day and drink the milk again. And the day after that, you drink some more. Then, you go on vacation for two weeks. When you come back, the milk smells funny. It’s sour. It’s separating. Your nose curdles as you sniff at it, and you immediately toss it. You don’t look back. You don’t lament over the milk. You…

Today is International Day of the girl. I don’t even know where to begin. This started out as a tiny Facebook post, and got too long, and now here I am.

It’s so funny how growing up I never really thought about what was right and wrong when it came to gender differences. Sure, I knew we were different. But it went beyond that in my mind.

I, like many others, just thought women had a certain place in society — I was taught that boys will be boys, that I better cover up and watch out. If someone touched…

Ruby Verma

Dancer, writer, wanderer, thinker, creator, learner, doer. Passionate about everything — never stop striving #nyc #onelove

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